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Asheville Savings Bank is a local, community bank that is committed to establishing a relationship with our customers that will enable our lenders to fully understand your borrowing needs. Our lenders are efficient, knowledgeable and offer the highest level of service and who are empowered to make decisions on your loan request.

Asheville Savings Bank offers competitive ratesrates and terms on the following personal consumer loan programs:

  • Vehicle Purchase
  • Vehicle Refinance
  • Overdraft Line of Credit
  • Signature Loan
Vehicle - Purchase Vehicle - Refinance Overdraft Line of Credit Signature Loan

Automobiles, recreational vehicles, boats, and motorcycles along with preapprovals to purchase.

Refinance your current loan to a lower rate or cash out equity for other borrowing needs.

Overdraft Line of Credit is available to qualifying Asheville Savings Bank checking account customers. This convenient line of credit attaches to your checking account and automatically transfers money into your checking account whenever you need it, and helps avoid those embarrassing returned checks.

The signature loan loan, also referred to as an unsecured loan, in which we rely on the borrower’s promise to repay without the pledge of collateral gives you maximum flexibility. Use the funds you receive for almost any purpose that suits your needs.

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All of our loans are based on the simple daily interest method with no prepayment penalties.

It is convenient and easy to apply for any of our loans:

To apply online, click here and one of our banking center managers/lenders will be in contact with you. We would also welcome you to personally visit one our convenient Banking Center locations.

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